“Shrewd Business Owners Flew In From 26 Countries And Paid $10,000 Each To Access This Advanced Marketing And Business Training”

From the desk of
Eben Pagan

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, I’ve found that one of the biggest challenges to creating a highly profitable online business is learning the systems that will rapidly scale your business to the 6 and 7 figure level per year.

Keep reading… because this is truly a one-time-only opportunity…

What I am about to offer you will help you quickly take what you learn inside the program you just purchased and grow it to a completely new level – it will be like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Here’s the deal…

I launched my famous “Altitude DVD Home Study” as an advanced program designed to teach business owners how to take a business to the $10 million dollar a year level and beyond. Originally it cost $10,000 to join.

Discover The Exact Methods I Used
To Rapidly Grow My Business

Simply put, Accelerate is the most powerful training program ever created for helping you grow your business from the “startup” phase – to the $10 Million level (and beyond).

The Altitude Program is an intensive “Top Gun CEO Training” Program for entrepreneurs and business founders who want to learn the methods I’ve assembled and developed…that helped me grow my business from a startup…to over $25 Million per year in sales.

It has taken me many, many years of research, testing and learning to discover, refine and organize all of the training you’re about to experience. And I’ve brought in other top business experts to take things to the next level.

It’s important that you remember something: For every concept, strategy and technique that I teach you I’ve tried probably twenty that either didn’t work or didn’t work very well.

I’m only sharing the BEST things I’ve learned…From leadership to time management…to targeting niches and creating products…to advertising and marketing…to hiring and managing people…to creating systems that automate your business.

We'll be using a "template" of the path to growing a business to the $10 Million per year level... and beyond. But Altitude isn't just for businesses that would like to become "huge" one day. It's also for a someone like you who has already shown that you want to learn how to do everything the right way and free up your time and energy.

Here’s a small overview of the advanced business skills and systems you’ll learn inside Altitude:

Thinking Like A Customer And
Communicating With Impact

But… none of them have been able to put even a dent in our business. I’m going to show you how to create a powerful “force field” around your business and your customer list ensuring that no competitor will ever be able to cut into your profits)

My Most Powerful Marketing Techniques and
Attracting “Star” Team Members

Interviewing, Hiring, And Motivating “Star” Team Members
To Run Your Business

Personal Productivity And
Dominating Your Niche Market

Generating Leads, Integrating New
Team Members & Reporting Systems

Product Creation Secrets,
Building Effective Teams

The Power of Managing Your Energy

People & Personality Types
Plus Special Guest Mark Joyner

Planning And Reaching Goals:
Guests Scott Hallman & Wyatt Woodsmall

Thinking Like A Customer:
Guests Dean Jackson & Joe Polish & Murray Hidary

Guest Mark Stevens

I also invited Mark Stevens, a partner at Fenwick & West in San Francisco, to join us — to discuss some of the important legal aspects of growing a company. Mark has helped 25 companies go public, and knows more about the legal aspects of growing and protecting your company than just about anyone alive.

Special Guest Brad Fallon

During this session, I had a guest who started and grew a $30 million company. Brad Fallon shared inspirational and PRACTICAL lessons that can help you get a head-start on building a company that can grow and scale quickly and smoothly.

Rewards Of Fast Action Special Guest Jeff Smith

You’ll also get to meet my friend Jeff Smith — he’s an expert business coach, and he’s one of the guys I know who makes the MOST money… and takes the MOST time off… and has the MOST enjoyment in life.

Applying Altitude +
My Bigger Vision For You

In this final session, I and the group tie all of the most important Altitude concepts together, share an emotional, personal story, and close the program.

This System Will Continue Working
Long Into The Future…

What my guests and I are going to be teaching you has proven to work for me time and time again, and will continue to work long into the future.

So unless there is a major evolutionary shift in the way people are wired, you won’t need to worry about this system going ‘out of date’. The skills you learn in this program will pay dividends for the rest of your business career.

Considering that I used this very system to sell over $100 million dollars worth of products online, there was a good reason I used to sell it for $10,000...

But now you can get it for just $1997 for a limited time.

Go Through The Entire Program
Risk Free For 30 Days

100% Risk Free
30 Day Money Back

As with all my programs, I’d like to offer you a way to try Altitude RISK FREE.

So go through all the lessons, read all the summaries, and do the exercises...

And if you don't absolutely love the program, simply email us within 30 days and you’ll receive a prompt refund and courteous refund.

No questions asked.