Discover how to turn your knowledge, passion, or experience into online courses and digital products you can sell online for high prices

Here’s A Breakdown Of The Entire Curriculum

The Digital Product Blueprint System

You get 12 blueprint tools and exercises, each with an in-depth video tutorial and training lesson. Six of the blueprint tutorials help you build your digital product, and six of them help you build your marketing systems. You can dive into these templates and tools immediately after you register, and get to work building your product right away.

These trainings have been strategically designed, with six of them focused on giving you the download about how to make sure you identify the most valuable knowledge you have, and organize it into your digital product quickly… and six of the trainings focused on giving you the download about how to create your first marketing pieces and get traffic and paying customers.

Coaching Classes

You get a series of 6 Coaching Classes with me, broken into modules. Every two weeks, we get on a class together that takes about 90 minutes, and we work together to install the blueprints and models in your product, your marketing, your launch, your follow up systems, and your business.

Here’s how it works...

Module 1:
Orientation Fast Start

Module 2:
Targeting Your Niche

Module 3:
Creating Your Product

Module 4:
Building Your Marketing

Module 5:
Launching Your Product

Module 6:
Email Mastery

Create Your Digital Product
In 90 Days
Or Get A Full Refund

100% Guarantee

I want you to feel secure that if you attend the classes and do the exercises with me, you’re going to get your digital product done. That’s the point: We have to get your digital product done.

And you will. But I also have a secure guarantee, just in case you need a little more peace of mind...

Here’s my guarantee: If you go through the Digital Product Blueprint course, attend your classes and do your homework, and at the end 90 days later, you don’t have your digital product done, just show me all your homework and exercises so I know you went through the program — and I’ll happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

In addition to giving your money back, I will let you you keep the entire Digital Product Blueprint program, with all of my proven templates, plus all 5 public bonuses, completely free… my gift to you just for giving it a try.

Why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the entire course at my risk?

These days the tools and templates make it so easy to take your knowledge and create a digital product, that if you don’t create it,then it’s not your fault, and you deserve your money back.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.