How To Create Marketing That Actually Works

Discover the exact marketing approaches, techniques, formulas, and scripts I've used to grow 10 successful companies that generated over $100 million in online sales

After almost 20 years of studying the most successful
business owners, millionaires and entrepreneurs,
I've found a very clear pattern:

Those who know how marketing REALLY works
make more money — period.

I'm not talking about a little bit more.

I'm talking about multiple times the level of success and income.

I've found this to be true in my personal experience as well.

After selling over $100 million worth of products and services online. I can say with full conviction that it was my understanding of marketing and persuasion that made it all possible.

Before I understood how to market my products, nothing I did seemed to work…

For years I bounced from one business to the next. From guitar lessons, to jewelry making to real estate and so many more…

For years I struggled to earn much of anything…

It was only when I learned marketing and sales psychology that I hit my first big success and went on to consecutively build 10 different brands from zero to 1 million dollars.

The point is this:

When you know marketing you can control the level of profit, income, and wealth you want for yourself.

When you don't know marketing (or the right kind of marketing), then you'll always be anxious, paranoid, or stressed out because you aren't sure when or where the next sale is coming in from.

The problem is…

Most people get marketing
completely wrong

Most people get attracted to the new marketing strategies like Facebook,
or Google ads, or email marketing and so on…

And it seems like every week there's a new guru coming on the scene with a new product that promises you how to make millions with the newest type of advertising or marketing channel…

But what happens to most of the people who buy into the new shiny thing? They fail.


Well there are 2 main reasons:

Reason #1: They don't understand the core underlying principles of marketing and the psychology of persuasion that drives all marketing success

What's interesting is that as advertising changes from from the old days of newspaper ads and direct mail to infomercial ads on TV, email, banner ads, search engine ads, video ads and social media, the essence of marketing remains unchanged.

In other words, the underlying driving principles of marketing that drive consumer behavior to pay attention and buy have not changed in hundreds of years.

The issue is, most people don't know what these principles are and it’s the reason why their marketing doesn't get the results they want.

But if you understand the underlying principles and you understand how to use the specific words, images and persuasion formulas to grab attention of someone who needs what your business offers then it doesn’t matter what form your marketing takes in the future.

When you know the underlying DNA, you can express it in any form you need to. You can do it now and more importantly in the future that’s coming.

Reason #2: They go about their marketing in a haphazard fashion.

Most people get into marketing and they try one tactic here… another tactic there… with no master plan as to how all the pieces connect together.

But this is utterly inefficient and most the times ineffective. Sure you can get lucky sometimes, but most of the time, you're left bouncing from one tactic to the next and not seeing the level of results you want…

When it comes to creating marketing that works, you want to approach your marketing in a systematic way so that all your marketing converges towards one goal and direction … so you maximize your time and money.

Point is, if you don't get these two components right then none of the 'new shiny' stuff is going to work…

Now if you'd like to learn how to get your marketing right to create the results you want for your business, then I'd like to introduce you to a program I created called the ‘Marketing Master Plan’..

Introducing Your
Marketing Master Plan

Marketing Master Plan is my most advanced marketing training program for creating and designing your advertising and marketing from the ground up.

Inside you're going to find the exact systems, marketing approaches, techniques, formulas, and scripts that I've used to grow 10 successful companies to generate over 100 million in sales online.

This program is actually a collection of 3 separate 'complete' marketing training programs that I've created and compiled together for this mastery level marketing course.

Program #1: Marketing Step By Step

Marketing Step By Step is my bestselling foundational marketing training program. Inside, you're going to learn every essential marketing principle I've used to build my businesses from scratch.

This is the absolute foundational marketing 'know-how' you need to know to create marketing that gets people's attention and gets them to buy.

Program #2: Print Persuasion Masterclass

A 6-Part Teleseminar series taught by me and the 4 best copywriters I know, teaching you advanced persuasion and copywriting. Copywriting is one of the most important skills you can learn in business and in marketing and you're going to learn from the very best masters in this program.

Program #3: Strategic Marketing Summit Home Study Training

This is the main bulk of the course and it’s where you'll learn my most advanced breakthroughs on positioning, branding, naming, traffic, copyediting, sales, lead generation and more.

You'll also get to hear from my faculty of experts who are going to be sharing their breakthroughs on the newest advertising platforms and channels.

Special BONUS: Psychology of Conversion Workshop

When you sign up for Marketing Master Plan, you'll also get the recording of my Psychology of Conversion Workshop I hosted LIVE when I first launched Marketing Master Plan.

This was an all day workshop where I shared my newest insights and case studies on optimization and conversions.

So What’s The Value Of This Complete
Marketing Mastery Training?

Well to start from the top, Marketing Step By Step is a complete program we sell for $997. The Print Persuasion Masterclass is also $497. The Strategic Marketing Summit was originally $12,000 to attend. The bonus Psychology Of Conversion workshop was also $997.

So collectively, you’re getting over $13,391 dollars in proven marketing strategies, formulas, and systems that have been tested to work again and again in virtually every niche imaginable. All for just $1997!

Look I’ve invested millions of dollars in training, consulting, teaching, and testing to learn the step-by-step lessons I’m going to teach you in this program.

And I’ve distilled all the information out there into the most important systems, principles, and formulas that will get you the most results for your marketing…

This is cutting straight through the excess and getting right to the key lessons…

So when you think about it, the value estimated above is only a fraction of the actual value you’ll be receiving. This is truly millions of dollars worth of experience at your fingertips.

Yet you won’t need to pay millions for this information. You won’t pay the estimated value price either.

When you register today, you can get the entire Marketing Master Plan for just one payment of $1997. And I even have a monthly plan for you if that makes it easier for you.

This is not a ‘magic bullet’

I also want to mention something to you that’s very serious. Some people who take my trainings actually get no results at all. That’s typically because they don’t use what they learn from me. Nothing I’m saying here is a claim that you’re going to push a button and get rich quick because I don’t believe in that stuff. But I do guarantee that if you take the maps, processes, and insights that I’m going to teach you and then you use them in your business that you will grow your business dramatically. In fact, if it doesn’t I’ll actually refund your entire payment within 30 days of purchase.

Go Through The Entire Program
Risk Free For 30 Days

100% Risk Free
30 Day Money Back

I’m so confident that you’ll love the Marketing Master Plan, that I’ll let you try it for a full 30 days risk free. You can join today and get full access to the program for 30 days and if you don’t experience dramatic growth in your business from what you learn, then send me an email and I’ll refund your full payment. No questions asked.

So Let's Recap What You're
Getting Today

Marketing Step By Step ($997)
19 session foundational marketing training with fill-in-the-blank templates and exercises for your marketing headlines, copy and branding.

Print Persuasion Masterclass ($497)
A 6-Part Teleseminar series taught by me and the four best copywriters I know, teaching you advanced persuasion and copywriting.

Strategic Marketing Summit And Home Study Training ($12,000)
This is the home study version of a live 3-day event I hosted, where my faculty of experts and I shared our newest and most advanced breakthroughs on positioning, branding, naming, traffic, copywriting, sales, and more.

Bonus: Psychology of Conversion Workshop ($997)
Learn the the core psychological triggers you need to include in all your marketing for it to be successful and convert.

100% 30 Day Zero Risk Guarantee

Total Value: $13,391

Your Investment: $1997