Most people subconsciously sabotage their money and
wealth even when they try to get ahead…

Here’s how the super rich avoid it
(and how you can too)

Can you relate to these (true) stories?

“In late college and my first year or so in New York, I wasn’t making enough money in the industry to pay for anything besides rent, so I used credit to pay for things I needed: food and beer. I maxed them out — even though I gave myself a small credit limit — but it took me a while of ignoring debt collectors to actually get around to paying more than the minimum payment…”

— AC

“I’m pretty much out of credit card debt, but my credit is shot, which means I still have to ask mom and dad to co-sign for leases or, say, a car loan.”

— AC

“I hate checking my bank account because it makes me anxious. However, there are certain services that bill me automatically. Of course, I forget when that happens, so I end up automatically renewing, for example, my Zipcar membership, which I don’t really need anymore.”

— SB

“When I first moved to LA from Boston, the month after I turned 21, I hardly accounted for the additional costs of my car.”

— AK

“I cashed out my 401(k) when I was 25 to pay off a fender bender instead of exploring other options.”

— CS

Source: Huffington Post

Why Most People Are Destined To Stay Poor

Why do most individual investors fail to make money? Why do most businesses fail? Why do most people consistently make bad decisions with money even when they know they shouldn’t...

Turns out the reason is not what most people think...

We Are Literally Hardwired And
Programmed To Be Poor

Modern evolutionary psychology in cognitive science are showing that we humans are not wired to succeed in the modern virtual reality that we live in.

We are literally not wired to handle money correctly. Money is a relatively new and abstract concept to us. It’s not something that we evolved over the first billion years of evolution.

When it comes to money and resources, the underlying animal drive is to get and consume. Get resources and consume them now.

We don’t instinctually understand money and that’s what prevents us from holding onto it.

On top of that, most of us also have our Early Childhood Programming from our parents and our friends and because most of us grew up in scarcity belief systems, we inherited what they call a “Poverty Mentality”.

It’s these two forces…

  1. Our natural wiring and
  2. Our childhood programming that result in most individual stock market investors losing money, most businesses failing, and most of us not achieving the success that we want with money.

The Biggest Mistake People Make
When Trying To Master Their Money

There are inner game aspects and outer game aspects to money, assets, and wealth creation.

Most people start on the outside, but this is a mistake.

The place to start if you want to win the money game is on the INSIDE… on your thinking, on your emotions, on your wiring and your programming.

If you go to work on your thinking, your beliefs, and your emotional relationship with money, that will naturally work its way to the outside.

How To To Make Money And
Wealth Inevitable

Now, you might think that reprogramming your beliefs around money is difficult and complicated, but it’s actually not…

In fact, it’s very simple if you know what to do…

Money Psychology — A Proven 5 Step System

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Who Am I
And Why Should You Listen To Me
About Money And Wealth

My name is Eben Pagan. I started out with what most people would consider a very poor background.

I grew up in the state of Oregon. Literally wayyy out in the woods. Growing up, I never made more than about 10 dollars an hour until I was in my mid twenties. In fact, I didn't do anything other than manual labor work to earn income for the early part of my life.

I didn't have successful mentors who were rich or wealthy. In fact, I didn't know anyone who knew anyone who was rich or wealthy.

In other words, I started out from ground zero — without any prior knowledge about wealth.

When I got into my twenties and figured out that what I had done before really wasn't earning the income and financial success that I wanted, I decided to look into other opportunities.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been able to build over 10 brands and companies that I've built to over $1 million dollars. 4 of them to over $10 million. Collectively, I've sold over $100 million dollars worth of products and services across my businesses.

I’ve been invited to be a guest lecturer at the USC Marshall School of Business, one of the top entrepreneur schools in the country.

I was invited to interview Sir Richard Branson at an international event in Calgary, Canada. Then he asked me to come and interview him again at his charity event in Los Angeles which was when Tony Robbins called and asked to interview me for his new Money Masters program.

The point is, when it comes to mastering money and building wealth, I not only have a successful personal track record but I’ve also helped thousands of other people do so as well.

Join me inside Money Psychology and I’ll help you do the same.

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