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I call it your…

Platinum Passport and this $100,000 library — with every training that I’ve ever released — can give you absolutely everything that you need to create the business and the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

That’s because…

I've done all the "heavy lifting" for you and distilled all the key aspects of
business and personal growth into easy to follow, step by step trainings so
you get the ultimate shortcut to fast track your success.

The Platinum has taken me over 15 years to develop and millions of dollars to produce. And within one year of using all 50+ cutting edge training programs inside the Platinum Passport, you will have completely "rewired" your approach to money, business, marketing, productivity and success.

These courses teach you the individual skills and tools for launching a business, creating products and services that people want to buy, doing your online marketing, designing your website, getting paying customers, doubling your productivity, and much more.

This stuff really works, whether you’re just starting out, or you want to scale up a successful business… whether you are just becoming a teacher or coach, or whether you have a “brick and mortar” business that is learning about how to sell things online.

And the people in these courses, my students and proteges, have done BILLIONS of dollars in sales (and counting).

In short: you don't have to learn these skills the hard way or by trial and error, like I did. Let me take you by the hand and be your mentor this year to help you achieve all your goals in 2024 and beyond.

Here’s what’s inside the Platinum Passport:

Digital Product Blueprint

Learn how to package your knowledge into
an irresistible Digital Product

That people all over the world
actually want to buy

Virtual CEO

Learn how to create your ideal
business so you can

Enjoy the incredible freedom of the
Virtual CEO Lifestyle

Virtual Coach Training Program

Learn my “Next Level” Coaching Methodology and
how to become a coach and…

Create a “Next Level Coaching Practice”
in as little as 10 weeks

Student Success Stories


“Eben was fantastic at helping me figure out specific words and emotions for writing copy that my prospects would respond to.”

— Angela Lin Founder

“Well this program has taken my life on a radically different path. […] You truly are changing lives, and showing the path to freedom that we all crave.”

— Andrea Albright

“I came to the internet searching for a way to build a small business. […] I believe this is the one guy on the internet that has brought integrity back into internet marketing and building an online business.”

— Val Taylor

“Eben’s Wake Up Productive program has allowed me to create a powerful morning routine that gives me the focused mindset and nutritional launch pad to drive my entire day. […] Amazing program!”

— Bob Thordarson, CEO BluCapp, Inc.

“I now have a simple formula to follow that takes away any confusion on exactly what is required in creating an Information Product that my target customers will want to buy and that I will not have to "sell."”

— Mohan Rao

“Eben`s program Wake Up Productive has helped me to reach even higher levels of productivity! Eben`s approach to productivity is well researched, his style of teaching is well structured and straight to the point.”

— Martin Maglia

“I just completed the "How To Build A Virtual Business" program and have never been more clear about how to move forward in my business. […] Do yourself a favor and invest in this program - it is PRICELESS!!”

— Jason S. Moore

“The Copywriting Course is just AMAZING! I have learned more today than I have in the last 2 years of hunting online to find some info on how to get my copywriting skills started.”

— Glory St. Germain

“Wake Up Productive continues to be a godsend reminder of how to reclaim my daily actions that keep me aligned with my life purpose.”

— Ed Ferrigan, Getting Relationship Right


The Ultimate Business And
Personal Growth Library

You get instant access to over 50 of my top selling high end programs — every one
designed specifically to help you fuel your business and personal growth
this year — all in one single location. One master vault.

So how much does something like this cost?

I did the quick math to total how much our students have invested to go through the original versions of each of these courses.

It’s over $100,000 dollars!

And that's what my students actually invested to get ALL of these different training programs.

That's not an imaginary number. That's actually how much they paid when we individually launched these different programs.

And when you think about it, that's really what you’d expect to pay for a world class business education in a formal setting at say a top college or university…

The Entire Master Library

YOURS Risk-Free

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

So let’s recap real quick

The Platinum Passport is the ultimate entrepreneurial education

You get instant access access to 50+ of my top selling entrepreneurial and business training programs including ALL of my high end top tier programs.

And you get full access to everything right now risk free for 30 days. Then IF you decide to keep your access, you get it for $9997!

In other words, for just 12 monthly payments of $997, you get access to the most advanced learning resource I’ve created to date...

You get what I believe is really the ULTIMATE business and entrepreneurial education available in the world and the best way I can help you make more profits and increase your income and live the life you want this year.

So if you’re interested in joining my Platinum Passport, I highly recommend you give it a try it today at no risk to you and keep it only if you want to.

Imagine how much growth you will experience this year by investing just 15-30 minutes a day in yourself and your business?

What’s the catch, Eben?
Why would you give me ALL of your training risk-free?

There is no catch. You see… the way I’ve run my business for the past 10 plus years, and really my guiding principle in life is to ALWAYS offer 10X more value than I ask for in return.

I actually teach this principle to my students and it’s called “moving the free line” which means to offer as much free value up front to your prospects as possible, before you ask for any money in return — this allows a VERY low risk way for people to experience what you have to offer… and in my experience, if what you’ve got is excellent quality and gets people the RESULTS they’re looking for… they will be more than happy to invest in what you have.

Plus, it’s just a cool way to do business :-)

And doing this is VERY aligned with my intention of offering as much value as possible to Entrepreneurs.

If you’re here right now, I know you’re serious about business and success… and I can help you speed up and shorten the time it will take you to reach your goals this year…

Our training programs get people RESULTS And I’m very confident after you’ve experienced the Platinum Passport for 30 days, It’s something you’re going to want to stay in and continue having me be your mentor…