I Use To REALLY Struggle To Get Traffic And Make Sales...

Until I Discovered The Secrets Of “The 100 Million Dollar Traffic System” That Will Attract High Quality BUYERS
To Your Website…

Yes, that’s a real number and that’s how much the system I’m about to share with you has generated for my businesses.

Which leads me to an important truth …

The better you are at attracting people to your website check out your services and digital products, the more successful you’ll be.

And the good news is, this is one of the easiest parts of creating an online business.

Just imagine for a second what it would mean for you if hundreds or even thousands or even tens of thousands of people from around the world see and buy your products and services. You’d have a much greater impact.

Your income would skyrocket.

And you’d have the beginnings of a VERY successful online business.

In fact, once people start buying your product, they’ll likely want you to create even MORE products (and oftentimes they’ll email you and tell you what they want!).

The Mistake Almost All Businesses Make
(And How You Can Profit From it)

Look around and you’ll see 90% of businesses
(and almost all new businesses) making the same mistake I did…

Using ineffective and “cute” or “clever” ways to try and drive traffic and get new customers.

It doesn't work, and it never will.

If you want to get more traffic… if you want to grow your list… and if you want to find more people who will pay you for your product or service....

The MOST important thing you need to learn is HOW to craft the right message in the form of advertisements and content.

In other words, you need to know how to communicate with your customers in a way that they know you are trustable and you have the solution THEY are looking for.

Look: You can put your product or service in front of someone who you KNOW would love it and benefit from it, but if you can't effectively communicate how you will solve their problem, THEY won't even pay attention to you, let alone buy.

Let me repeat that.

Even if someone is your PERFECT potential customer, they won't pay attention or buy your product if your communication is wrong in the first place…

The $600 Dollar Marketing Lesson
That Made Me $100 Million In Online Sales

Before I developed the system I’m going to share with you,
I used to have a really hard time getting people to buy my products and services…

In fact, for the first half of my business career I was jumping from one business to the other trying to make something work.

The one thing that always stopped me was my ability to reach new customers and get them to buy my products or services.

Often times I would spend several months creating a really amazing product or service that I knew certain people out there would love.

The only problem was I could never get enough people to buy from me to see any REAL success.

It wasn't until I learned a very important lesson about marketing, (which led me to create the system I'm about to share with you), that things started taking off and I started making some real money from my businesses…

When I was 22 years old, I decided to get into real estate — because I thought that might be a good way to make money (I didn't know why, but I always saw real estate agents wearing nice clothes and driving expensive cars).

So after I got my real estate license and set up my business, I had to start looking for customers.

The only problem is I didn't know where to begin!

I knew there were people out there who needed my services, but I didn't know where to start looking for them.

So I decided to check out some marketing seminars, but that didn’t work out very well because…

My First Attempt To Get New
Customers Was A Disaster

The first marketing seminar I went to looked promising…

There was a guy on stage who was teaching a group of real estate agents how to create flyers and advertisements to attract new clients.

It seemed interesting, and at the end of the seminar I went to the back of the room and bought a copy of these “do-it-yourself” ad templates.

I took one of the ads in the book, and ran it in my local real estate paper.

I spent a few hundred bucks on the ad.

The ad had a picture of a director's chair with no one sitting in it, and a headline that said, "Eben Pagan is too busy helping people buy and sell real estate to pose for pictures.”

Cute, right?

Well... I thought I nailed it.

You can probably guess what happened next…

...Nobody called.

I didn't get a single call from that ad.

(well I did, but they were from a couple of my friends who called to say they saw my ad and thought it looked GREAT...lol)

But not a single call from a potential client. Negative $300.

The Big “Aha” That Got Me More
Traffic Than I Could Handle

Fast forward a few months, I went to a second marketing seminar…

Here, they were teaching a very different kind of marketing called “direct response marketing.”

In direct response marketing, the goal of your marketing is not to get your name “out there,” but to get your customers to actively come find you.

A very different approach, and somewhat counter-intuitive...

On stage, this guy was teaching people how to generate a flood of leads by giving away a free report to his customers if they called in.


After the seminar, I decided I would try the same...

So I spent another night creating an ad that had a completely different approach. The headline said:

“Free Report Reveals Expensive Mistakes To Avoid If You’re Buying Or Selling A Home…”

Then I went to the same real estate paper, and spent the same money to run this new ad.

And guess what?

The Phone Started Ringing
Off The Hook

Floods of potential buyers were calling in and asking for the report!

I couldn't believe the difference.

I placed two ads for the SAME service on the SAME local magazine, where I spent the SAME money.

One ad got me zero leads and customers.

The other had my phone ringing off the hook, with more leads that I could possibly handle.

I’ll never forget that day because I experienced firsthand the difference between…

Having a thriving business that continually grows because It knows and understands how to get a steady flow of traffic and new customers lining up to buy their product or service.

And a business that is always desperate to find the next customer and usually just scraps by each month struggling to cover basic expenses. And eventually shutting down, because…

The Places You’ll Find Your Customers
Are Always Changing…

Where you place your promotions, ads, and content is also important, because you'll want to place your ads and promos in the places where your customers are.

The reality is, the places your customers hang out are always changing...

In the past TV, Radio, and Newspapers were the places to promote.

Then came Google, Facebook, YouTube…

Pinterest, Instagram, and so on…

These are all great places to FIND your customers, but without the RIGHT message that grabs their attention, you’ll be throwing away your money and getting no results.

You FIRST need to master the system of creating powerful promotions, ads and content that grab and control your prospects attention and gets them to take ACTION.

Then, and only then, you need to know how to get these promotions out into the world and in front of your potential customers…

It's as simple as that — but as they say, “The devil is in the details”…

I’ve Done All The
“Heavy Lifting” For You…

Over the past 15 years, I've been fortunate to start and grow 10 very profitable businesses in several different niche markets, studying the psychology of customer behavior, and investing millions of dollars in research and testing to find out what works…

Together these businesses have attracted well over a million new customers — and sold a combined $100 million worth of online products and services.

I don’t share any of of this with you to brag. In fact, I naturally tend to be more on the “shy” side and prefer to keep most of my accomplishments private.

But it is important you know I have been very successful (and made a lot of money) with my online businesses — and that I have developed real systems that work extremely well for me, continue to work, and I think can help you, too.

And I’ve developed a proven 5 Step “Traffic“ Blueprint any business can use to:

  • Create irresistible ads, content and promotions that stand out and get attention.
  • Quickly get ads, content, and promotions in front of A LOT people who want your products and services with minimal investment upfront.

I've put this system inside a training program I call, "The Traffic Intensive", and I'd like to share that with you right now…

First, let me explain how my proven 5-step system will help you …

Get A Crowd Of High Quality
Cash-In-Hand Customers
To Your Business

You're going to know how to attract high quality BUYER traffic to your website...

You're going to know how to turn this traffic into highly interested leads and grow your list.

And you're going to know how to ethically turn these leads into satisfied paying customers and clients for your product or services...

Because this system is a proven path to finding the people who WANT your product and getting the sales your business needs...

Introducing: Traffic Intensive

The 5-Part System For Getting A Steady Stream Of New Customers To Your Business

The Traffic Intensive is a complete video training that teaches the exact 5-part system I use to drive traffic, generate leads and attract new customers for my businesses — and how to implement it into your own business.

This is my complete “go to” traffic system that I’ve personally used in 10 different markets, and the students I’ve taught it to have used in dozens others…

If you've got a product or service, but you aren’t getting the amount of people you want to show up and buy, then this program is going to teach you how to get the sales you need…

If you’re just getting started in business and nobody seems to be visiting your site, this program will fix your “traffic” program – and you’ll start getting more traffic than you can handle….

If you want to grow your email list, this program is going to show you how to set up the marketing system to capture leads and grow your list.

Traffic Intensive
Program Details

The Traffic Intensive is a series of 11 training
modules taught by me.

Each module contains 2 video training sessions. Inside, you’ll learn my system, and I will also walk you through several practical exercises and templates I’ve created to make sure you implement what you learn into your own business.

In other words, I won’t just be teaching you, I’ll be guiding you through the creation of ALL the marketing assets you need to start driving traffic and getting new customers as you go through the program.

You’ll also find detailed PDF summaries of each session in case you learn better by reading, or need to quickly reference the training later.

Note: The program is 100% digital so you get immediate access to the entire training when you sign up.

Here's Just A Small Glimpse Of
What You'll Learn Inside…

And that’s only a fraction of what we’re going to cover inside “Traffic Intensive.”
This training is 11 modules jam packed with me teaching you my complete system.
Go through this training today and…

Leverage Over 15 Years Of Research, Testing, And Development To Get More Traffic, More Leads, And More Sales
For Your Business

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I’ve worked with you probably don’t have time to be learning several different traffic strategies…

You need to be effective and efficient with your marketing. You want to use your valuable time and energy on a strategy that will actually work without having to rely on mind numbing trial and error.

When you register for The Traffic Intensive, you’ll get to leverage over 15 years of my experience and the millions of dollars I’ve spent testing what works –– and literally cut your learning curve down by half.

This system is proven to work so you can feel confident knowing that you’re following a strategy that will get you results. In fact I guarantee it.

This Is Not Your Regular
Traffic Program...

We won’t be focused on technical details like how to set up Facebook ads, or put your product on Amazon, or how to manage your display campaign.

I also won’t be giving you the newest hack or loophole for any marketing platform.

That stuff changes all the time and only leads to short term results… so if that’s what you’re looking for, then this program isn’t for you.

What I am going to teach you is a proven system for creating winning promotions that attract leads to your business and get them to buy.

Plus, I’ll show you my favorite ways for getting your promotions out in front of thousands of people without relying on any ‘hacks’ or loopholes.

This System Will Continue Working
Long Into The Future…

What I’m going to be teaching you has proven to work for me time and time again, and will continue to work long into the future.

That’s because everything I’ll be teaching you is based on human psychology which hasn’t changed for 1000s of years.

So unless there is a major evolutionary shift in the way people are wired, you won’t need to worry about this system going ‘out of date’. The skills you learn in this program will pay dividends for the rest of your business career.

Considering that I used this very system to sell over $100 million dollars worth of products online, I kept it a close secret amongst my “inner circle” for a long time…

The only time I have taught this training publicly was during a 2-day live event for students who invested $12,000 in my high-end mastermind program.

Go Through The Entire Program
Risk Free For An Entire Year

100% Risk Free
1 Year Money Back

I’m so confident that once you start using this system in your own business you’ll get more new customers than you thought was ever possible, that I’m going to guarantee it.

Here’s my guarantee to you:

When you register for Traffic Intensive you’ll have an entire year to go through the training and use this system in your business.

If you go through all the modules, use all the templates and do all the exercises and you haven’t seen a dramatic increase in the number of visitors, leads and customers you get, just send me your completed exercises to show me you did the work, and I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s how confident I am once you learn this system and apply it to your business you’ll start seeing results — and I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.