Everything You Need
To Become A Coach And
Launch Your Business

In Just 10 Weeks

The Virtual Coach gives you a comprehensive system to help you build a coaching practice that you truly LOVE.

If you’re just starting out, the Virtual Coach will give you everything you need to become a coach and launch your coaching practice in just 10 weeks.

If you’re already a coach, the Virtual Coach can exponentially increase your coaching skills and help you build a powerful system for getting all the clients you need online.

The Virtual Coach System has 7 Key Parts. When you link them all together, they work in perfect synergy to create a “Next Level Coaching Practice”... a practice that has the power to transform lives all over the world.

If you’ve always felt a special calling to help others, and you’ve always dreamed about doing the kind of work that makes a REAL difference in people’s lives... join me for the Virtual Coach and turn your calling into a reality.

Here’s A Breakdown Of The Entire
10-Week Curriculum:

The Virtual Coach Training Program

In the Virtual Coach, we’ll be helping you learn and install the 7 Key Parts of the Virtual Coach System over the course of 10 weeks.

Every week, for 10 weeks, you’ll train with me and my world-class faculty of coaches. And because all of the classes are delivered online, you can take them anytime day or night, when it’s most convenient for you.

Here’s how it works...

Part 1:
Your Personal Transformation

Part 2:
Next Level Coaching

Part 3:
Attracting Your Clients

Part 4:
Enrolling Your Clients

Part 5:
Social Media Mastery

Part 6:
Growing Your Business

Part 7:
Your Coaching Toolkit

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90 Day
100% Satisfaction

I want you to feel safe and secure that if you complete the online classes and do the exercises with me, you’re going to be able to use what you learn to create a business you love.

And you will... but I also have a 100% secure guarantee, just in case you need a little more peace of mind...

Here's my guarantee: Participate fully in the Virtual Coach, complete the online classes, and do your homework. If you aren’t completely satisfied by your results after 90 days, just show me your homework and exercises, so I know you went through the program, and I will happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back.

Why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the entire program at my risk?

These days, the tools and templates available make it easy to find clients online and start a coaching business. If you participate fully in the Virtual Coach and you don’t get the results you want, then I believe it’s not your fault, and you deserve your money back.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.