10 Mindset Shifts To Feel Confident Enrolling New Clients On The Phone

You discover a prospect is interested in your program.

You fill with excitement and instantly feel empowered.

Then you remember an important little factor that sucks the excitement right out of you. You still have to get them on the phone to enroll.

For many coaches, this is a nerve-wracking practice that sends them into panic mode.

They bombard themselves with worries:

What if I sound too salesy?

What if they ask me a question I don’t know how to answer and I stumble on my words?

I hate talking about money. How do I defend my price and actually close the deal?

All of these worries and negative thoughts can be calmed by changing our mindset around the practice.

In today’s article, we’re going to go over 10 mindset shifts that will boost your confidence so you can get on the phone with prospects and enroll them in your coaching packages without the feeling of discomfort and overwhelm.

Why We Have To Have The Right Mindset

Think of how you felt last time somebody tried to put you through a canned sales process.

You picked up the phone as someone began reading straight from a sales script. Your defenses went up. As they persisted, you began to feel like your back was up against the wall. You felt pressured and uncomfortable, and you wanted to run away.

When we look at sales this way, and try to implement it in our business, any opportunity to gain trust, nevermind the sale, is instantly lost.

I can give you all the tips and techniques in the world but, unless your mindset is aligned with how to think about client conversations, they won’t work.

Instead, the key to enrolling lots of clients on sales calls is to make the entire process as natural as possible.

Your client’s defenses won’t go up. They won’t feel pressured. You’re not here to do anything they don’t want to do.

I’m going to share 10 important mindset shifts to build confidence to have natural Client Conversations.

Mindset Shift 1: Client Conversations Are A Natural Part Of Getting To Know A New Client

A lot of times we think we have to be a natural born salesperson to be great at enrolling clients.

You don’t.

Like most skills, taking action and practice is key. When you talk with prospects everyday, the fear diminishes and your confidence rises.

A Client Conversation is just another conversation with someone. That’s it.

Mindset 2: New Clients Are The Oxygen Of Your Business

Most of us are conditioned to feel bad about sales, salespeople, and asking for money in general, which is what we’re doing when we enroll a new client into our coaching program. This can leave us with a bad feeling, if we don’t have the right mindset.

Professional sales is different and shouldn’t fall into the same category as the stereotypical used car salesman. Think about it this way: your coaching practice needs sales (and money) in order to operate.

The more resources you and your business have, the better you will be able to serve more clients and make a bigger impact in the world.

Mindset 3: Your Enthusiasm Is Contagious

You must believe in your product, service, and coaching to get results. If it’s clear that you don’t believe in your offer, no one else will.

You’ve probably been around salespeople who work on commission, and you could tell they just weren’t that interested in it. You can tell they don’t really believe in what they’re doing. Their enthusiasm just isn’t there.

Transfer of emotion is a huge part of sales.

You can’t fake truly believing in your product/service. Clients will pick up on it. Think about the last time you ate at a great restaurant, read an amazing book, or tried something you really liked, and then told your friends about it. That is the type of enthusiasm we need to bring to our client conversations.

If you get this mindset right, you’re halfway there.

Mindset 4: Your Role Is To Support Somebody Through The Steps Of Becoming A Client

Having successful Client Conversations is a process.

There is no one word or magic phrase that’s going to get a client to enroll. It just doesn’t happen. Your job is to walk the prospect through the process and support them through the buying journey. That’s how they’ll decide to enroll.

Mindset 5: Rapport Is What Gives Your Client Confidence In You

Selling is an intimate and emotional process.

You are essentially holding your client’s hand and they are trusting you to support them through a buying decision.

Before they can say “yes” to your product, they have to trust and have confidence in you. There was a study done on top salespeople which found that they had the ability to qualify and build rapport faster than others. Possessing this ability helped them become more successful than their peers.

Mindset 6: You Are A Trusted Advisor, Not A Salesperson

Generally speaking, a salesperson is most interested in what’s in it for them.

Their top priority is the commission they’ll make, and they’re willing to say whatever they have to to earn it.

A trusted advisor, on the other hand, is somebody who always acts with their clients interests as their top priority.

When you shift your mindset to cater to your client’s interests as top priority, a paradigm shift occurs. If you’re here reading this, you likely already have this character trait, which is a huge advantage for you.

Mindset 7: As A Coach Your Role Is To Help People Figure Out What They Want

A client needs the help of a trusted advisor to figure out what they want, and how to get it. You help them discover what they want by asking great questions and leading them through the Client Conversation process.

Think about the last time you made a buying decision. We don’t always know exactly what you want. Oftentimes we need the help of another to decipher exactly what our problem is, what we want, and what we don’t want to arrive at the best fit for us.

Think of yourself as a detective during this part of the process.

Your role as a coach is to help people figure out what they want and show them how they will get it by working with you.

Shift 8: As A Coach, You Are A Conversational Leader

Your prospect is hiring you as their trusted advisor to understand their situation and help them get their desired outcome. You must take the lead and be in control of the conversation to do this.

Just like when you lead a coaching client through a transformation, you have to lead your prospect through a client conversation.

Leading is what inspires confidence in your client.

Shift 9: Listening Is One Of Your Most Powerful Tools

This isn’t obvious, and may appear counterintuitive, because most people think selling is all about talking up your product or service.

You build confidence as a trusted advisor by deeply understanding your client’s situation and the outcome they desire.

“If you can explain somebody’s problem better than they can, they will automatically attribute you as having the solution.” — Wyatt Woodsmall

Shift 10: Your Client Makes A Buying Decision, You Don’t Sell Anything

This is the key to making client conversations easy and natural.

When a client conversation is done correctly, we don’t have to “sell” anything, our clients will arrive at a buying decision on their own, with our support.

People hate to be sold, but love to buy things.

Our job during the client conversation is to be our client’s trusted advisor and to lead them through the enrollment process.

Remember: if you don’t have clients, you can’t have a coaching business. If you don’t know how to enroll prospects in your programs and services, you can’t get clients.

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