Are You Going About Getting Coaching Clients All Wrong?

How do you currently get clients?

Most coaches put up their website and wait for clients to type ‘coaching’ in their search engine and stumble upon them.

There’s only one problem: 99% of people aren’t searching for ‘coaching.’

Instead, they’re searching for a tangible result to a specific problem.

It’s your job to pinpoint their pain, decipher their desire, and demonstrate that YOU are the one to help them achieve their goal.

As a coach, you need to remember that you’re not selling coaching, instead you’re selling a result.

There’s a simple way to do this that can tremendously impact how you get clients if done correctly.

The #1 Secret To Getting Clients

The biggest secret to attracting clients has to do with something I call “Moving the free line.” It’s where you simply give away your best stuff for free to attract in your ideal clients. Sound counterintuitive? Let me explain.

How To “Move The Free Line”

My good friend and legendary marketer, Dean Jackson, gives a really great analogy of moving the free line. He calls it, “Potato Chip Marketing.”

Picture this: You’re at a park with a bag of potato chips.You want a squirrel to eat out of your hand. How do you make it happen?

Well, you make a line of potato chips. First, you put one down, then another 2 feet away, then another, so on and so forth. While you’re seated further away on a bench, the squirrel will come out and grab the first potato chip. When they feel safe, they’ll eat the next one, and then the next one, until pretty soon they’re eating right from your hand.

This is exactly what coaches need to do with prospects. You have to build trust first.

Unfortunately, most coaches scare the squirrel away.

Setting up a website and sending clients there is like trying to get the squirrel to eat out of your hand on the first chip.

It’s not going to happen, so you need to be strategic about it.

“Double Your Dating” & The “Kiss Test”

“Double Your Dating”

I launched my first business, “Double Your Dating” in 2001 with a simple ebook.

The ebook quickly brought in $5k – $10k/month, but it wasn’t until I started moving the free line that things really took off.

Instead of driving prospects directly to the sales page, I gave them a taste of my value by giving away a free gift first.

Men would take to the internet to search for information on dating. They were seeking advice on how to avoid getting rejected by women. They’d see an ad or search result (1st potato chip) about this. When they clicked on it, they were taken to an optin page offering a free gift (2nd potato chip).

The “Kiss Test”
For a free gift, I came up with a valuable strategy for men to know if a woman was ready to be kissed and how to avoid rejection.

It was wildly successful.

Only after they received the free gift, and got to know me and experience real value at no cost, would I then start to offer my ebook and other paid services.

I strategically moved my free line to get more coaching clients by following this simple sequence:

  1. Online ad
  2. Free gift for opting in
  3. Low priced product/service
  4. Higher priced product
  5. Even higher priced products than that – coaching clubs and coaching services & subscription

Now, you might be thinking, “Ok, that’s nice for an ebook, but I’m not selling a physical product.”

It’s a big mistake to think selling coaching is different from selling anything else.

Moving the free line works for products and it works for coaching.

BEFORE you can offer potential clients your paid coaching services, you have to build trust. Offering a valuable free gift is an excellent way to do this.

How You Can Implement Moving The Free Line

Start by creating a free gift that offers a desired solution to a specific problem.

Don’t be afraid to give away one of your best strategies for free. When I shared The “Kiss Test,” my friends told me I was crazy to give away such tremendous value for free. But it paid off.

As a result I made $135k by the end of the first year, to $12M by the end of the 5th.

That is the power of moving the free line done well.

Remember, probably 99% of people who are searching for answers are not searching for a coach.

You have to dive into the conversation that your potential client is having in their head.
Where are they coming from? What are they thinking? What is the #1 thing they want or want to avoid? When you tap into their mind and heart, and convey their pains and desires on paper, the right person signs up instantly.

When you put together a phenomenal free gift, for the right audience, using the right rules to put it together, prospects won’t be able to stop with just one chip.

What free gift can you start attracting clients with?

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