How To Become A Magnet To Qualified Clients Only

Do you wish you could attract more of the clients you want, and less of the ones you don’t?

Unfortunately, I see far too many coaches get caught spending time with unqualified leads.

As a result, they drain their time, energy, and joy for coaching by seeking out and trying to work with with the wrong people.

The wrong people are the Unqualified Clients.

In this article I’m going to share:

  1. Warning signs of an Unqualified Client.
  2. Who is a Qualified Client for your coaching business & how to immediately recognize them.
  3. And how to become a magnet to them.

Warning Signs Of An Unqualified Client

You know the one.

The client who tried to bargain with you before signing up for your service. The one who sends you “emergency” emails at 10pm, expecting an immediate response. The one who constantly requests extras not included in the project scope.

They have no idea what they’re doing or what they really want, but they’re quick to demand and reluctant to pay.

They suck your time and attention, hoping you’ll magically figure it out for them.

It’s hard to be motivated to work with this kind of a person. Yet, so many of us end up doing so.

You cannot lead someone who isn’t ready to follow. You also can’t let them drag you down.

When you work with someone who isn’t motivated or invested, they are unlikely to achieve any long-term benefits from working with you, which is frustrating for both parties.

It’s healthy, and sets a good example, to create standards and boundaries for yourself as you grow your business – you deserve to be successful.

As you build your coaching practice, you will learn that few things waste time (and money) like unqualified leads. It’s crucial to attract the leads you want and repel the ones you don’t want.

Who Is A Qualified Client?

A Qualified Client meets two fundamental requisites:

  1. They have a specific need or outcome.
  2. They are willing to invest ($$) to get it.

If your prospect doesn’t have a specific or measurable outcome and/or they aren’t willing to invest to get it, then they most likely aren’t going to be a good client.

You want the individuals who know what they want, are financially willing and able to invest, and simply need your guidance to make it happen.

What does a specific need or outcome mean?

Many people get to a point in their life where they realize they are frustrated, fed up, and ready for change. They’ve learned what hasn’t worked for them.

They KNOW what they want. They have a specific goal, need, or outcome in mind. They simply need your help getting there.

People tend to have fear or desire around the physical, emotional, and conceptual domains, and there’s a certain group who are willing to do something about it.

Approximately 50% Of Prospects Can Be Great Clients

Imagine… we randomly pick up 100 people off the street right now. We put them in a room and ask, “Is there something in your life that you really want to achieve that you’re open to investing in?”

Out of those 100 people, there’s maybe around 20 of them who want to really achieve something. Of that 20, there’s probably only 5-10 of them are actually willing to invest to get it.

Those 5-10 people are your Qualified Prospects.

Of those 5-10 people, roughly 50% of them can become great clients.

A prospect is someone with whom you setup an appointment to talk to about being a client. This is after they’ve shown interest in what you do and how you can help them, and most importantly, someone who has been qualified in advance. They’ve either gone through your funnel, contacted you, met with you in person, or they’ve consumed some of your free tools and are interested in discovering more about your coaching.

If we treat everyone like they’re a Qualified Client, we risk having the following occur:

You go through an entire process with them. Maybe even an interview. It takes time.

You finally get to the point of offering one of your packages and you say, “I have a 12 week package and it’s $2,400.” They freeze and say, “Oh no, no. That’s not what I was looking for. I was just looking for more information.”

It’s frustrating, right?

A Key Decision: Qualified Clients Only

Avoid wasting time, energy, and resources by deciding to work exclusively with the right people.

This is why it’s critical to have a funnel in place to help filter out the the wrong people, the ones who are not qualified prospects.

Instead of having 100 1-on-1 conversations to weed out the 5-10 that are qualified, you only have a conversation with those 5-10 people from the beginning to determine if it’s a good fit, and enrolling possibly 50% of them.

Once you have your prospects lined up, it’s time to interact.

How To Interact With Qualified Clients Only

Through marketing.

But before you can market, you need to figure out who that Qualified Client is for your coaching services.

How will you know they are motivated to get the result they want?

How do you know they are actively seeking solutions?

Be as specific as possible to make sure you’re on target.

You need to spend some time getting crystal clear on who your ideal, Qualified Client is, and what makes them a great client for you to work with.

If you truly understand the client you want, you’ll know where to go to find that person and how to draw them in through your marketing.

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