How To Make A Big Career Change, Especially If You’re Afraid To Fail

When you decide that you’re going to make a big career leap, if can feel scary. Fear can creep in and cause you to feel numb at the idea of making the change.

There’s one key factor that, if not trained, will hold you back from making the leap and a sustainable income…

Your mindset.

Having the right mindset is critical to overcoming obstacles and making money.

In this article, you’re going to learn the top obstacles and how to overcome them with key money-making mindsets.

6 Obstacles To Long Term Income Success

1. Fear

Fear is the most debilitating obstacle we face in business. The fear of rejection and failure stems from a lack of control. If we let it drive us, we’re less likely to take action.

You need to recognize that fear is part of the process and overcome it so you can take action.

2. Thinking That We Humans Are All The Same

If we think we’re all the same, then we assume we all have the same gifts and opportunities. It’s not true. This kind of thinking leads to behavioral and conceptual mistakes that can be damaging and expensive to long term success.

While we may share intrinsic, inalienable rights to freedom, expression, opportunity, and pursuing happiness… we are not all the same. This is great news. It means you possess unique gifts unique that will allow you to create success somewhere in the world.

3. Thinking That We Humans Are All Different

We’re the same AND we’re different. We each have unique gifts to offer. BUT, if we get too focused on individual differences, we lose touch with reality.

This is an important distinction I learned from my good friend and mentor, Wyatt Woodsmall. When we understand that we’re different but there are patterns to the differences and opportunities, we can realize we each have our own unique version of skills and gifts to give.

4. Not Knowing What You’re Good At

If we don’t know what we’re good at, we lack confidence. The essence of self-esteem is believing you can face any challenge life throws at you, and that you’ll succeed and even thrive in the face of those challenges.

To succeed in turning talent into income, you must discover what you’re good at.

5. Not Knowing What The Opportunities Are Now, And Into The Future

One of the big mistakes I see people make is choosing their life direction based on how they feel and what they want to do without considering the available opportunities.

The truth is, most businesses and markets are not growing – you need to recognize what they are and avoid them. Find the opportunities that are on the rise, and follow them into the future.

6. Not Knowing How To Create Massive Value

Most of us have learned how to show up at our place of employment, get a pat on the head from someone else, and take home a paycheck. This is the lowest level of value creation. When you get into the real psychology of value creation, and then go to work to create the value – not just do the “work” – the whole game changes.

To do this, you have to discover the industry’s, business models, and specific skills where growth is likely to occur. When you align them and then take your talent and develop it into a gift that’s uniquely and consciously designed to create massive value, you prepare yourself for future growth and success.

You must learn how to create massive value in the business environment you’re in now, and particularly the one you’ll be in in the future.

How do we overcome these obstacles to long term income success?

We adapt specific success mindsets.

7 Mindsets For Success

1. I have unique gifts and abilities that can be turned into consistent high income.

This must be your mental approach. If you believe you can’t, you’ll make this reality a self-fulfilling prophecy. Others will pick up on your lack of self-belief and won’t buy from you.

2. There are more than enough opportunities available for me to become highly successful.

People often think, “I’m really good at this particular thing but it’s really competitive so I don’t want to do it.” If you don’t believe there’s room for you at the top, you’ll never get there.

3. New people fill new opportunities, and there are new opportunities being created for me everyday.

Whenever a new category emerges in business, it’s almost always filled by someone new, not by the successful person from the last round.

In the dawn of the computer and tech age, IBM made computer hardware. IBM should have dominated when the software industry emerged. But they didn’t. The new opportunity was filled by a new company, Microsoft. Microsoft should have gone on to dominate the internet. But they didn’t. Google did. And the list goes on and on.

There are new opportunities everyday for new people to fill. That means there are new opportunities being created FOR YOU every single day. You just need to tune in and take advantage of them.

4. Just because the opportunities and knowledge exist, doesn’t mean you know about them.

Just because you put your website online doesn’t mean anyone knows about it or is going to find it. There are many opportunities available, but we can’t see them if we’re not trying to find them.

How do you find opportunities? First, you have to believe they exist. Then, you have to develop yourself and understand the industry and types of businesses where you can create a lot of value.

When I started teaching online courses about how to succeed in business and personal life, I saw an opportunity. Many men were seeking success in the dating world, and weren’t really finding what they needed. I was interested in my own dating life at the time and saw a massive opportunity where others couldn’t. In doing so, I was able to address a need that wasn’t being met, and create a successful multimillion dollar company around it.

5. In the past, income was about doing work. In the future, income is about results and value creation.

Today, some people get wealthy very rapidly. People are going from nobody to billionaire in a few years’ time by starting the right business that scales and grows. While this might not sound fair, and our chances of joining them are rare, there is a lesson we can learn: It’s no longer about manual labor. It’s about creating massive value and driving results.

6. I am responsible for my results, even though there are many challenges outside my control.

We have to take responsibility for our results. There are many factors in life that are outside of our control, BUT we actually gain back control when we take responsibility for the results and value we create. We can then do a better job at intentionally creating them.

7. Connecting my talent to big future opportunities, then developing my talent into a strength I can focus over the long term to create massive value, is my road to high income.

This last mindset is my course, Platinum Passport and “Turning Your Talent To Income,” in a nutshell. In the course, we uncover the industries, business models, roles, and specific skills where growth is likely to occur. If you’re ready to prepare and secure your place in the future to turn your talent into income, sign up today.

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