The #1 Secret To Becoming A High Paid Coach

How do some coaches charge $100/hr while others charge up to $1,000/hr?

Is it because the higher paid coaches have more experience? More certifications?

No, instead it’s about offering a service that supports another person in reaching the outcome that THEY long for.

Your coaching service isn’t the outcome itself, it’s only the means to the outcome.  

The #1 secret to becoming a high paid coach is learning how to paint a vivid picture of the desired outcome, and conveying the confidence that YOU are the person to help produce that outcome.

That’s how the high paid coach confidently charges more.  

How To Become A High Paid Coach

First, you have to get clear on the features, advantages, and benefits of what you have to offer.

Feature – what your service is.

Advantage – what it does.

Benefit – the positive experience your client enjoys as a result.  

A Classic Example: Automobile Air Conditioning

No one wants to buy air conditioning.  

That’s simply the feature, what it is. The advantage is what it does: it cools down the air in the car. The benefit is the experience of enjoying a comfortable temperature inside, regardless of the temperature outside.

We don’t care about the process of how cooling down the air works. We only want the end-result: getting to ride around on a hot day with the windows rolled up and the perfect temperature inside.

Switching On A Light In Your Home

Let’s use the example of a light switch in your home.  

The feature is the light switch itself. The advantage is that it switches on the power to the lights. The benefit is that it could be dark outside, but you’re in a room lit as if it’s daylight.

That’s all we want.

We don’t care too much about how it all happens. It’s just a means to get us where we want to go and an experience we wish to have.

Always focus on the benefit from the client’s perspective.  

It’s not about the features of your coaching, but rather experiencing the outcome that they desire.

The Evidence Procedure

There’s a term in neuro-linguistic programming called the Evidence Procedure. It’s all about recognizing how you’ll know when you’ve achieved the outcome you want.

It asks the following questions:

  • What will be the evidence that you’ve achieved “X”?
  • How will your client know when they reach the outcome they want?
  • What will happen in the physical environment? How will they know that it happened?
  • What’s the physical language that they’ll use to describe what will happen in their emotions and their relationships? How will they know that happened?
  • What’s the feeling and the language they’ll use to describe what’s going on in their mind?

When working with clients or prospects, always ask yourself, “What’s the Evidence Procedure?” How will your client know when they’ve realized the outcome that they want?

Let’s walk through an example.

The Evidence Procedure Using Health Coaching

Let’s say that you’re working with a client who wants to lose 20 lb of belly fat.

We’ll use a standardized example just so that we can all relate. We could just as easily substitute this example with getting a raise at work, learning a new skill, or achieving a relationship goal. Plug in your example here.

But, let’s say that someone wants to lose this weight specifically around their belly.

What happens in the physical environment for them to know that it happened?

How will they know that they’ve actually lost the 20 lb of belly fat?

Simple. They’ll step on a scale and see that instead of weighing 190 lb, they now weigh 170 lb, affirming that they have in fact lost 20 lb. They’ll be able to physically see that their old jeans are now baggy and they’ll have to buy new clothes.

What happens in their emotions and relationships?

They might start feeling more energetic in their physical and emotional state. They might notice a new feeling of optimism or joy. This positive energy might lead others to want to be around them more. They might receive an abundance of compliments like, “Wow! You look great!” They might feel proud when around friends or family in a way that didn’t occur before.

What will happen in their mind and how will they know it when it happens?

They might discover a renewed sense of pride and gratitude. They might thinking to themselves, “Wow, I did it!”

When you accomplish a longing desire, it reaffirms that you are worthy and that if you can do this, you can do anything.  

The Evidence Procedure is the ideas that surface, the thoughts going through the mind, and all of the possibilities that arise as a result. In your coaching business it’s important to make sure that you understand the outcome that your clients really desire.

But it’s not enough to think only about the desired outcome. We have to think about the how.

When your client knows exactly how they’ll be able to tell when they’ve achieved the outcome they want and feel confident that you are the person to help them get there, you can charge more for your services.

How do you find this material? How do you discover what it is that they really want?

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