How To Boost Your Credibility When Selling Courses Online


  • The best way to build your credibility when you’re first starting out (this will work even if you’re relatively unheard of or have little to no references)
  • 6 of the most powerful psychological triggers I know for building credibility quickly online…
  • One of the most recommended books you can read when it comes to building credibility with others

How I Make My Videos Look Great


  • The #1 thing you need to create professional quality videos (even if you’re shooting with your phone or handheld)
  • The type of camera lens that makes you look your best on video
  • How I position my lighting and camera to get that signature ‘pro look’

How To Create Valuable Free Content That Promotes Your Business

  • Why most people approach their content in the completely wrong way and how to make sure you do it right
  • The biggest mistake people make when creating free content for their business
  • 3 specific (and proven) types of free content I recommend you getting started with

How To Find High Quality Freelance Writers And Editors

  • Find out exactly where I go to find some of my best freelancers, writers, and editors (I’ve been using this site for years with exceptional results).
  • Discover one of my best kept secrets for helping my writers take my ideas and turn them into great content
  • Learn a few unique hiring tips to help you pinpoint good talent and avoid some common hiring pitfalls

The 2 Skills You Need To Scale Your Business

  • Discover the 2 major skills you need to develop to scale effectively
  • Acquire a radical new way of running your business that’s going to give you much more control over it as it grows
  • Uncover one of the biggest pitfalls to scaling fast and how to avoid it

How To Overcome Procrastination And Fear Of Failure



Procrastination and fear of failure stop all of us in different areas of our lives. The key is to know how to handle them when they arise. Inside this video, you’ll discover several powerful mental reframes and practical tricks for beating procrastination and staying motivated to get things done.

How To Develop The Confidence To Take Action



In this video, I’m going to offer you a few new perspectives for looking at your challenges and developing the confidence you need to take action.

  • Discover the 2 ‘working’ components of high self esteem…
  • Acquire a new mental framework for approaching your challenges and problems…
  • Uncover a universal truth about life that will relieve a lot of the self-inflicted pressure that’s preventing you from taking action…

How To Get Established Players To Promote Your Product



In this new video, I’m going to show you several ways you can get someone to promote your product to their list (even if you’re completely unknown and they’re an established player).

  • How to find and partner with the movers and shakers in your industry
  • The big mindless mistake people make when trying to find good affiliates and partners
  • A simple ‘back door’ approach to making a good first impression on potential partners

How To Market Yourself Without Being Salesy, False, or Spammy



  • Discover the subtle difference between being over the top salesy and being passionate and persuasive to your customers…
  • Learn how to make sure your emails are not seen as spam but as valuable items your customers actually look forward to…
  • Get the critical first step to being true to yourself in your marketing…

What To Do When People Copy Your Ideas



From my experience, if your stuff is great, other people are going to copy it a lot. In this video, you’ll get my personal opinion on privacy, copyrights, and protecting the products you create.