How Much Should You Spend Per Lead



  • Discover the 3 phase process I use to start and create profitable lead generation campaigns from scratch…
  • Get my recommendations for your starting budget
  • Learn the ‘litmus test’ I use to see how likely a specific campaign will be successful…
  • Find out the steps I take to get to break even and then to profitability fast…

How To Get Focused And Take Action On What You Learn




  • Why learning less can be MORE profitable for your business than knowing everything
  • Instant Productivity Hack: A simple trick you can use to get more done in less time\\
  • How I schedule my work day to be the most productive

How To Get People To Open Your Emails

In this video you will learn…

  • The critical difference between emails that get read and those that get trashed.
  • A key mindset shift that will enable you to start sending a lot more email without annoying your subscribers.
  • How to write email subject lines that people can’t help but open

How To Find A Profitable Niche


In this video you will learn…

  • The biggest (and most common) mistake people make when choosing their niche. (The correct way to do it actually goes against your natural instincts so you’ll have to really watch out for this one)
  • An unconventional new mindset for approaching your niche selection that will help you see a lot more hidden opportunities
  • A practical exercise you can do right now to help you clarify your niche opportunities and focus in on the ones that will generate the most profit

3 Tips For Writing Effective Blog Posts, Articles, and Chapters


In this video you will learn…

  • Why most written content unconsciously causes its readers to tune out and how to avoid this common mistake in your writing
  • The key difference between effective writing today and in the past (and why sticking to the old way of writing will put you out of business fast)
  • 3 unconventional (and ‘counterintuitive’) techniques for overcoming writer’s block and writing better content with less effort